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Styria invites you to focus on culinary gourmet holidays while still being creative: Join a cooking lesson and learn more about strudel and typical sweet desserts, or spend your holiday at the Scenic Hotel Gürtl in the "green heart" of Austria: Styria invites you with its unique sense of southern hospitality ...

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Artists in Neumarkt an der Raab - Creative holidays in Burgenland

Künstlerdorf Neumarkt

The Artists Residence in Neumarkt an der Raab is located between the three provinces of Austria, Hungary and Slovenia. It has been opened in 1968 in order to preserve the old building structures of the medieval adobe houses with thatched roofs. Thanks to the support of the Austrian Building Conservation Authority and the ceaseless work of the artists in Neumarkt, especially Feri Zotter, true miracles have been achieved here.

Art & Culture in a historic setting

The Artist Village now includes eight former farm buildings, where workshops, galleries and living spaces have been installed. Many well-known and less well-known artists have lived, worked and contributed to the growing success of the artists residence here. Today, the village is endorsed by an Art Society that regularly organises courses, seminars, workshops and many other events for visitors and tourists.

Your Holiday Resort in the Artists Village

Even though the buildings might have come of age, the furnishing of all the workshops is new and modern, clean and very homelike. We do not offer full-board catering like in a hotel, but there are kitchen areas for our guests in the holiday homes. This in turn makes for inexpensive room rates when staying for a holiday in the artists village, perfect for families with children. The rooms, holiday units and apartments of the artists residence can of course also be rented for several weeks or months.

Neumarkt an der Raab and the southern Burgenland

Many different healing spas & swimming pools invite you for a visit all over the year. Make sure you visit the bird of prey sanctuary in Riegersburg, the Austrian chocolate factory Zotter, the Schloss Tabo Palace, the Fairy-Tale Forest Mühlgraben or the Styrassic Park at the foot of the Gleichenbergerkogel mountain.

Creative Atmosphere at the meeting point of three countries

Art courses under expert tuition are offered in the artists village Neumarkt an der Raab, for instance gipsy swing, painting workshops, book screening, modelling, photography, children's art courses ... The Summer Academy offers a one-week art course for adults from € 300,-, for children from € 90,-.

Artists Residence Neumarkt an der Raab, 8380 Neumarkt an der Raab, Hauptstraße 45, T: +43 3329 46527, art(at) -